Breathing Life Into the Generation of Tomorrow


Purpose Statement

Word of Faith Christian Center (hereafter known as) Life Center Academy is a faith-based Christian childcare and education center that directs children toward learning academically, socially, and spiritually as well as being aware of their growth physically, mentally and emotionally. We are here to serve Pueblo and the surrounding communities with quality, comprehensive childcare, preschool education and an Afterschool Program. Each child will receive individual attention and stimulation needed for nurturing growth and development in a clean, safe and wholesome environment. To accomplish this, Life Center Academy curricular program has been organized thematically to incorporate outdoor play, fine and gross motor skill activities, and arts. The purpose of the School program is to extend the ministry of the Word of Faith Christian Center by providing care, education and development opportunities for each child enrolled, helping each child reach his/her greatest potential and by providing a program of ministry and outreach to the families of the children enrolled.

Philosophy Statement

We believe that each child is a unique individual and that a positive structured environment is of paramount importance in the learning, development, and life of the child while learning Bible Principles and truths. At Life Center Academy dedicated teachers create a caring a nurturing atmosphere that explores each child’s creativity and allows the child to make learning decisions in a low pressure, highly positive matter.The development of positive self-image and socialization skills is essential in the world we live in the recognition of different feelings, the need for self-control and discipline, and working as an individual or in a group are all skills that children need to learn early in life. How well a child is able to master these skills will be an indicator of their ability to function in the fast paced, ever changing world in which we live. Communication between parents and teachers is encouraged to not only inform you of your child’s progress, but to gain insight to each child’s life.